Sunday, May 28, 2023

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“365 Boxes”

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“365 Boxes:” Day 54

The doctor has ordered: No heavy lifting for the next few days. So it’s time to turn our attention to some of the many empty boxes hanging out in the garage.

“365 Boxes:” Day 52

Another box that’s not actually a box. And another motley assortment of items.

“365 Boxes:” Day 51

An easy “box” for a busy work day still raises some questions I can’t answer. It’s just another day in “365 Boxes.”

“365 Boxes:” Day 50

I had scrawled the words “Golf Crap” across the top of this box. And, for once, the label told the truth.

“365 Boxes:” Day 49

I’m stumped by an unexpected wrinkle that frankly I should have anticipated. And a beautiful box of Godiva chocolates meets a sad fate.

“365 Boxes:” Day 48

Another day. Another box of books. And boxes of old hardbound textbooks are lurking nearby in the garage.

“365 Boxes:” Day 47

It’s a laundry basket with assorted random items inside. The assorted random items, no problem. But what to do with the laundry basket?

“365 Boxes:” Day 46

I’m going to try to blaze a trail into the interior of the garage from the north — but the north border is guarded by boxes of books. Here’s the first brick in the wall.